Regenerative Organic Cotton, Crop Rotation Melody January 15, 2024

Regenerative Organic Cotton, Crop Rotation

Crop Rotation Regenerative Organic Cotton
Regenerative Agriculture Principles: Crop Rotation

Moving on to the next phase of our regenerative organic cotton project: wheat cultivation as a rotational crop.
We have been growing regenerative organic cotton in Aegean area by consideration of taking care of soil health. This year we planted the wheat as a crop rotation strategy to give the soil time to heal itself by prospective of regeneration.

We are excited to share a progress update on our collaborative project with Egedeniz Textile, the Ecological Farming Organization (ETO), and the International Agricultural Research and Training Center (UTAEM).
In this project, we have implemented regenerative agricultural practices by directly sowing wheat (using no till drill) onto cotton fields that Our fields we previously mulched with organic-certified compost made from cotton plant residues. This method promotes sustainable agriculture and aims to enhance soil health and biodiversity in the Aegean region.

The use of regenerative techniques is a pivotal aspect of our project. By incorporating organic-certified compost and embracing regenerative agriculture principles, we are taking strides towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to farming.

Our commitment to regenerative agriculture extends beyond the cultivation process. By running this project we aim to develop and optimize regenerative cotton techniques that can be widely adopted in the Aegean region. Contribution to a more resilient and ecologically balanced agricultural landscape define our vision in this project.

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