Organic Cotton saeed December 6, 2022
GMO-Free Organic Cotton
Nurturing Purity and Sustainability
Chemical & Pesticide-Free
Nurturing Health and Environment
Superior Color Absorption and Retention
High Quality Yarns Spun From Aegean Cotton
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For over 30 years, Egedeniz Textile has been proud to partner with local farmers from Izmir, located in the Aegean region of Türkiye, for our organic cotton production. Our commitment to sustainability and quality is reflected in our GOTS-certified agricultural programs, ensuring that all practices align with global organic farming regulations, such as the EU and NOP of the USDA.

Our organic cotton thrives in the fertile lands of the Aegean region in Izmir, Türkiye, benefiting from the region’s ideal Mediterranean climate. For nearly two hundred years, experienced farmers have cultivated cotton under the abundant sunshine, winds, and rainfall of this land. Aegean cotton boasts exceptional characteristics that epitomize high-quality fiber.

With its long fibers, brightness, high strength, and homogeneity, Aegean cotton ranks among the world’s finest. It exhibits uniform micronaire values, a staple length averaging around 30 mm, and a strength of approximately 31 gpt, resulting in the production of fine yarns up to NE ’70s.


4.0 - 4.9 mic

Staple Length

29.5 - 31 mm


Minimum 30 gpt

Color Grade

21 - 51

GMO seeds are forbidden in Türkiye according to government regulations. 
The seeds we employ for cotton production are traditional varieties, completely free of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). It is essential to note that the use of GMO-containing seeds is prohibited by law, with strict penalties in place. We take pride in the purity of our local fiber, ensuring that our cotton not only prevents contamination of other food crops but also poses no health risks. 


At Egedeniz Textile, we prioritize the health of our consumers and the environment. That’s why we refrain from using chemicals and synthetic pesticides in our agricultural projects. By adopting this approach, we contribute to maintaining the quality of surface and groundwater while enriching soil fertility. Our commitment to sustainable practices extends throughout the entire production process.

One of the key distinctions between yarns spun from Aegean cotton and those from other origins is the superior dye absorption and retention. This remarkable characteristic ensures that our products are brighter and more vibrant. As a result, less dyestuff and energy are required during production. Furthermore, fabrics made from Aegean cotton possess a better hand feel, eliminating the need for additional finishing processes.

By choosing Egedeniz Textile’s organic cotton, you are not only supporting sustainable agriculture and preserving the environment but also guaranteeing the highest quality fibers for your products. Contact us to learn more about our organic cotton offerings and how we can collaborate to bring your vision to life.

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