Egedeniz Textile: May Update – Regenerative Wheat Harvest Nears, Regenerative Hemp and Cotton Blooming! Melody June 6, 2024

Project 1: Regenerative Organic Cotton Agriculture in the Aegean Region (Partners: UTAEM, ETO)

  • Thriving Regenerative Wheat: Our first regenerative wheat crop, a pioneering achievement for Türkiye, is nearing harvest! We expect to bring it in within the next few days. We’re planning a farm day event where Egedeniz family members will join our dedicated farmers to celebrate this achievement and learn more about regenerative agriculture practices and emphasizing on holistic approach of sustainability.
  • Data & Analysis: We’re excited to analyze CO2 emissions and soil health elements from this project. This data will be crucial for measuring the impact of our regenerative practices.
  • Restoring Soil Health: By allowing the soil to rest and regenerate through crop rotation, we aim to increase its organic matter content, leading to long-term fertility and improved crop yields.

Project 2: Regenerative Organic Cotton & Hemp Farm (Partner: ASTAB)

  • Efficient Irrigation: We’ve successfully installed drip irrigation systems for both cotton and hemp fields. This ensures water use is optimized, maximizing plant growth while minimizing waste.
  • Weed Management with Benefits: We’ve chosen to manually remove weeds, fostering collaboration with our farmers. These removed weeds are then left on the soil surface, acting as natural mulch to retain moisture and suppress future weed growth.
  • Thriving Plants: It’s exciting to see cotton leaves and hemp plants flourishing side-by-side! The cotton’s leaf area and canopy development are well underway, signifying a healthy and promising season.