Egedeniz Group’s Global Ventures in 2024 (Quarter 1) Melody January 10, 2024

Egedeniz Group’s Global Ventures in 2024 (Quarter 1)

egedeniz Group Fairs 2024 Q1
egedeniz Group Fairs 2024 Q1

The holiday season has ended, and as we enter the new year, Egedeniz Group is excited to embark on a global journey of business expansion. Renowned for our commitment to providing ethical and sustainable textile goods, our group of companies specializing in yarn, fabric, and apparel is gearing up to showcase their expertise at various fairs and events in the first quarter of 2024.

Egedeniz Group: Pioneers of Ethical and Sustainable Textiles

At the core of our ethos lies a dedication to transparency and sustainability. Egedeniz Group, a vertically integrated consortium of companies, offers eco-conscious business partners a clear and transparent view of our supply chain. Our journey begins at organic cotton and hemp farms, setting the stage for a commitment to ethical practices outlined in the Egedeniz Ethical Group Code of Conduct.

In our pursuit of global engagement, Egedeniz Group will be prominently featured at fairs and events in 2024, marking our presence in key cities across Europe and Asia.
Here’s a glimpse of where you can find us in the first quarter:

  1. Heimtextil
    • Date: 09.01.2024 – 12.01.2024
    • City: Frankfurt
  2. Innatex
    • Date: 20.01.2024 – 22.01.2024
    • City: Frankfurt
    • Stand No: Ege Organics – EG034
  3. Munich Fabric Start
    • Date: 23.01.2024 – 25.01.2024
    • City: Munich
  4. Premiere Vision
    • Date: 06.02.2024 – 08.02.2024
    • City: Paris
    • Stand No: Manifutura – 5M97
  5. International Cotton Conference
    • Date: 20.03.2024 – 22.03.2024
    • City: Bremen
  6. JITAC Tokyo
    • Date: 26.03.2024 – 28.03.2024
    • City: Tokyo

Connect with Us: Book a Meeting With Us!

To explore our sustainable and ethical offerings, and to delve into potential collaborations, we invite you to connect with us at these events. Email us at,, or to schedule a meeting with our team.

As we embark on this exciting journey, we look forward to sharing our passion for sustainable textiles and forging partnerships that contribute to a more conscious and responsible future.

Stay tuned for updates as we continue our global expedition in the sustainable textile industry!