Planting Season is Here! Egedeniz Group Agricultural Projects Update Ceylin Canyuar May 3, 2024

Planting Season is Here! Egedeniz Group Agricultural Projects Update

Spring has sprung, and we’re excited to share updates from our regenerative agricultural fields with a focus on regenerative and organic agriculture practices in sustainable GMO-Free cotton and hemp farming.

Project 1: Regenerative Organic Cotton Agriculture in the Aegean Region

(Partners: UTAEM, ETO)

We’re in year three of this project, and following our crop rotation schedule, this year we’re giving our cotton field a well-deserved rest. We’ve planted wheat instead, allowing the soil to heal, regenerate, and replenish its nutrients.

Crop rotation is a cornerstone of regenerative agriculture. Cotton is a demanding crop, requiring significant nutrients from the soil. We aim to improve the soil’s physical and chemical properties by planting wheat, ultimately boosting its health.

We’ve also redeployed our CO2 Flux tool to monitor the field’s carbon sequestration and emissions. This data is crucial for understanding how regenerative cotton farming impacts the Aegean region’s soil health and CO2 balance.

Project 2: Regenerative Organic Cotton & Hemp Farm

(Partner: ASTAB)

Continuing our mission in the Aegean region, we planted our GMO-free cotton and hemp seeds side-by-side last month. Regenerative agriculture emphasizes minimizing soil disturbance, so we used a no-till drill machine to precisely sow the seeds at the optimal depth directly into the soil. Preserving the soil’s surface ecology is a critical aspect of this practice.

As a textile supplier, we’re proud to continue these agricultural projects and explore ways to minimize our environmental impact throughout the production chain. We also want to shine a light on the farmers who are the backbone of the sustainable textile industry. After all, sustainable textiles begin with the hands that nurture the crops!

Read more about our regenerative agricultural practices and project details here.

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