Snapshot of What August 2023 Brought to Our Regenerative Fields Melody August 19, 2023

Snapshot of What August 2023 Brought to Our Regenerative Fields

Regenerative Cotton Farm Egedeniz Textile Sourcing Textiles
Regenerative Farm Egedeniz Textile Sourcing Textiles

Hemp’s Quick Turnaround: A Fabric Revolution
Our hemp plants at Egedeniz Group complete their growth cycle in less than 6 months. Our primary focus for hemp cultivation is its use in textiles. We offer fabrics made from pure hemp and hemp blends because hemp is 100% biodegradable and the resources required to grow hemp are fewer compared to other fibers used in the textile industry.

Why Do We Support Growing Hemp for Textiles?

  1. Softness and Blendability: Early harvest ensures that the hemp fibers retain a soft texture, making them perfect for blending with organic cotton fibers and producing a comfortable fabric on the skin.
  2. Sustainability: Early harvesting means faster turnaround times and less water usage over the growth period.
  3. Enhanced Durability: Hemp fibers harvested earlier tend to be more resilient, ensuring a longer-lasting textile product.

Regenerative Organic Cotton Farm
We’re currently in our second year of organic cotton cultivation, a project that we have run with the cooperation of UTAEM. As some of you may recall from our blog article, we took a step forward by sowing GMO-FREE cotton seeds on 18th May 2023.

We employed a drip Irrigation system to ensure efficient water usage and nourish our cotton. Moreover, our fields have been treated with certified organic liquid fertilizer, ensuring robust growth and staying aligned with our commitment to sustainable practices.

During our recent visit, we observed varying growth rates among the two cotton seed types we planted. Our team is keen on analyzing the differences in soil health and fertility across various farm sections. Our aim is to optimize our practices for ensuring soil fertility and health.

Join Us in Pioneering the Future!
If you’re interested in investing in regenerative organic cotton and hemp projects in the Aegean area, Izmir, we’re eager to collaborate. Reach out to us and let’s together build a brighter, more sustainable future for the textile industry!

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