Textile Mingle Day 2022 Melody September 23, 2022

Textile Mingle Day 2022

Egedeniz Textile Textile Mingle Day 2022
Sustainable textiles, corporate social responsibility

As Egedeniz Group we have organized a day to celebrate our supply chain; starting from the fibers to the end products.

📅Date: 23.09.2022
📍Location: Izmir, Turkey
✅Subject: “Textile Mingle Day 2022”

Our “Textile Mingle Day” started with our recent regenerative agriculture (regenerative cotton and hemp) projects introduction.

There were some statistics mentioned during Professor Burcu Karaca’s presentation, which we will share now.

🔶 Even though 2022 is not over, about 2.4 billion dollars was spent on pesticides. 187 Million tons of water was used on cotton fields and unfortunately, 203 billion tons of groundwater was polluted.

🔶 By switching to organic cotton we will decrease global warming up to 46%, soil erosion to 26%, and the total needed energy to 62%.

🔶 If farmers continue on using conventional farming methods, we only happen to have healthy soil for about 60 more years.

🔶 By choosing the regenerative approach, we are applying the practices in order to keep the soil healthy, and in other words, we are trying to make the soil regenerate itself.

The day continued with the most interesting part, visiting our regenerative cotton and regenerative hemp fields which are side by side in Izmir, Turkey. 

Our regenerative practices were reviewed by our farm specialists and visitors’ questions regarding the hemp fibers and techniques used were answered by them.

Cut, sew, and printing departments were visited by the attendees, and especially in the printing department, water-based printing, and transfer printing methods were explained in detail and practical printing was done by the volunteers.

We finished a day in a warm and friendly atmosphere with our dear guests, and we couldn’t be happier hosting “Textile Mingle 2022”.

Next year we plan on organizing an event through our German partner Ege Organics GmbH in Bremen as well.

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