Transforming Carbon Footprints into Forests Melody March 21, 2023

Transforming Carbon Footprints into Forests

Egedeniz Forest Co2 emission
Egedeniz Forest Campaign in Izmir, Turkey

In today’s environment-conscious world, businesses need to do more than just turn a profit. Forward-thinking companies are now embracing sustainability, not as an afterthought, but as an integral part of their operational DNA. Leading the charge in the textile industry is Egedeniz Textile, which, in collaboration with the Aegean Forest Foundation, is turning its carbon footprints into flourishing green forests.

Introducing the Aegean Forest Foundation

Aegean Forest Foundation founded in 1995, this public benefit foundation operates on the fundamental principle of promoting forested areas, safeguarding our existing green spaces, and cultivating environmental awareness within society.

Though entirely volunteer-based, the foundation’s impact is expansive. Their afforestation efforts span the breadth of the nation, targeting state forests and areas linked to public institutions. With an ambitious goal to plant 12 million trees across 75 thousand decares, the foundation dreams of a greener world for upcoming generations. It’s not just about planting trees, but nurturing them until they’re an intrinsic part of our natural landscape.

The Egedeniz and Aegean Forest Foundation Partnership

In 2009, Egedeniz Textile embarked on a journey of environmental responsibility. Recognizing the greenhouse gas emissions from our production activities, we took proactive steps to measure and offset their carbon footprint. 

Year after year, Egedeniz has committed to extensive tree planting efforts across various regions:

  • 2009 saw 1,000 saplings in Urla-Barbaros Village
  • 2011 & 2012 focused on the Cesme-Ildiri-Kadiovacik region
  • By 2018, areas like Soma-Büyüküney and Bornova-Naldöken saw the planting of thousands more trees
  • And by 2023, Manisa’s Yunt Mountain joined the list.
  • We have breathed life into a total of 13,000 saplings to date.

In the age of climate change and ecological uncertainty, initiatives like the one spearheaded by Egedeniz Textile are not just commendable; they’re crucial. By transforming part of our CO2 footprints into lush forests,  we want to ensure our planet remains dressed in green.
Contact us if you would like to join in Egedeniz Forest campaign.